Human Capital

Human capital is at the core of all businesses, but assessment of human capital is particularly difficult and imprecise.

With the right approach, improvements in human capital management can greatly increase sales and profits.

At TGG, we view this challenge with enthusiasm. Founders of TGG include the late Nobel laureate Gary Becker, creator of the modern theory of human capital, and several of his most successful colleagues. We have extensive expertise in this field and have created innovative methods for personnel evaluation, selection, and retention.

Our approach to human capital is rigorous, data-driven, and aimed to improve the long-term strength of the organization. As an example, TGG conducted econometric analyses of employee performance for a large global bank. Based on the performance history of current employees, TGG identified which observable qualities of future prospective employees were the best signals of future success.

We have assisted clients with a range of problems to improve profitability and employee experience including: eliminating internal communication silos that stifled idea transmission; transforming compensation systems to maximize employee motivation; building performance evaluation systems to enhance feedback quality while reducing review time; and redesigning hiring practices so that candidate attributes are evaluated with reference to future job performance.

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